• Boiler constructed of Titanium enhanced stainless steel
  • No minimum water flow requirement and no need of shunt pump or balancing vesse
  • Patented and unique premix burner with 8 to 100% modulation
  • Installation simplicity
  • Very high efficiency: up to 99% GCV / 110% NCV
  • O2 sensor: combustion monitored and adjusted for optimal flame and boiler efficiency characteristics
  • Interfaces with any type of system control
  • Very low NOx: < 50 mg/kWh (based on 3% O )

For each countries, commercialisation of this boiler requires a commercial agreement.



  • Additional interfaces for external sensors, control and monitoring systems
  • Condensate neutralisation accessories
  • Antivibration dampers
  • Volt free contact for BMS control

Supplied as standard with

• Boiler construction of titanium
enhanced stainless steel components
for total elimination of corrosion
• Patented and unique fully premix burner
system with ionisation flame sensor
• O2 sensor monitors and adjust
combustion parameters for optimum
flame and boiler efficiency
• 100°C VARINO safety temperature limiter
• Boiler temperature sensor
• Water return temperature sensor
• Flue gas temperature sensor
• Siphon for condensates drain
• Complete control panel including:
- ON/OFF switch
- Resetable overheat safety
- Boiler control thermostat
- Five button manual controller
- Connection for interfacing laptop

O2 sensor

The O2 sensor ensures that the combustion quality remains constant; perfect flame characteristics are maintained (O2 level) whatever the boiler output.

Air excess is permanently and automatically corrected by the O2 sensor, which will modulate the rotation speed of the air fan to meet any variation in combustion needs.

All the variations in combustion parameters such as flame quality, atmospheric pressure or air temperature, gas temperature and pressure, chimney negative pressure are automatically corrected by the in built modulation controller (IMC) and the O2 sensor.