Ygnis is a renowned European brand with strong worldwide reputation in the commercial heating and hot water markets. For over 70 years, Ygnis has been developing efficient, easy-to-install and environmentally-friendly heating and water heating solutions such as condensing and pressurised boilers, hot water storage and preparation tanks, water treatment equipment, etc.

Here are some key milestones of the brand.

1943: Ygnis foundation

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Founded in 1943, Ygnis owes its worldwide reputation to an innovation launched nearly sixty years ago to achieve even more efficient heating products: the reverse flame boiler.

1996: Varino launch

Meeting all the requirements of modern industrial heating, Ygnis produces the Varino since 1996, a modulating boiler combining high-level electronic control with remarkable advances in boiler technology.

2000: Ygnis acquisition by Groupe Atlantic

Drawing on its industrial experience, thanks to its Cambrai production site in northern France, as well as its presence in many European countries, Ygnis joined the Groupe Atlantic in 2000. Combining their knowledge and continuous innovation, Ygnis is growing strongly in Europe, with its core product, Varino / Varino Grande, regarded as heating excellence

2008: Small output boiler range development

Ygnis develops and commercializes new wall-hung and floor-standing gas boilers with output from 40 to 100kW, in order to propose more compact and space-saving solution for small boiler rooms. 

2012: Hot water storage and preparation tanks production

While continuing its ranges development within Groupe Atlantic, in 2012, Ygnis launches hot water storage and preparation water tanks production on its new industrial plant Cauroir in France.  

2014: New generation condensing gas boiler Varmax launch

Benefiting from the synergies of skills and know-how inside the Groupe Atlantic, Ygnis launches Varmax, a new generation floor-standing condensing gas boiler, intended for new build and renovation projects in residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. This new generation boiler has high energy efficiency characteristics and meets all customers’ requirements in terms of high quality and performance.  

Varmax was created in order to simplify hydraulic installations and optimize maximized performance in 2, 3 or 4 taps. Easy to install, Varmax has small footprint and removable covers.

Varmax history

2015: New condensing modular gas boiler Varblok launch

In 2015, Ygnis launched a unique floor-standing modular gas boiler Varblok for new build and renovation projects. Its compact modular design allows an easy installation even in reduced boiler rooms. Its revolutionary concept is simple: one, two or three modules are piled one on top of the other, which allows low space requirements; at the same time, cascade management provides perfect modules control.  

Varblok is equipped with stainless steel firebox, which grants long-lasting high-quality service.  

Varblok launch