Pressurized combustion chamber condensation boilers LRK

12 models from 530 to 3000kW

  • Model LRK (Condensing) with an efficiency exceeding 106% ncv, (Output 530 kW to 3000 kW)
  • No minimum flow rate is required for any boiler, eliminating shunt pump and extra system costs etc
  • No requirement for a balancing vessel
  • Ygnis unique hydraulic design also eliminates thermal stress and cold spots
  • Advanced three-pass heat exchanger for consistent and optimum performance
  • Modulation: Down to 17% for gas, and 40% for light oil
  • Optional advanced system
  • Control modules compatible with major BMS systems
  • All models suitable for weather compensation

Standard supply

LRK is supplied with

  • Insulated jacket (100mm), insulated rear door and flue box
  • Door opening on left or right
  • Burner plate with drilled holes if specified on order



Navistem-B1000 - regulator

Navistem B1000 controls system

As an option, LRK can be equipped with Navistem B1000 or with Navistem B2000 regulator.

Navistem B1000 controls system benefits:

  • Easy-to-use thermostat module for boilers with 1 or 2 power levels
  • Ensure boiler safety against overheating
  • Timer and pulse meter (optional)

Standard supply:

  • 2 power levels control thermostat (max 95 °C)
  • Safety thermostat 110 °C
  • Fuses
  • Main switch
  • Burner fault indicator
  • External fault indicator
  • Overheating indicator
  • Water thermometer
  • Fault relays
  • 3.20 m capillary pipes


Navistem B2000 controls system

Navistem B2000 controls system benefits:

  • Simple to install and economical: many built-in functions (cascade,V3V control, etc.)
  • Easy to use: interface in clear text, self-detection of sensors
  • Adapted to any type of burner: 1 or 2 power levels, 3-point modulation or 0/volts
  • Ensure boiler safety monitoring temperatures, reduction of number of cycles

Standard supply

  • Thermostat module, including fuses, safety thermostat, 110 °C, main switch, burner fault indicator, external fault indicator, overheating indicator, water thermometer, fault relays, capillary length 3.20 m.
  • RVS 63 regulator
  • User interface in clear text
  • QAZ 36 sensor (boiler sensor)
  • 3 programmable relay outputs
  • 4 dedicated sensor inputs
  • 4 programmable sensor inputs
  • 2 programmable digital inputs (1 possible at 0/10 Volts)
  • Inputs for room temperature sensors



  • Heating element: 3 years warranty can be extended to 10 years
  • Electrical equipment + burner: 2 years