Condensing economiser Totaleco Turbo Gas

4 models from 400 to 1430kW

  • Stainless steel exchanger
  • Smooth tubes without fins
  • Can be used on existing boiler(s)
  • Can be fitted in any position on the flue
  • Efficiency performance gains 6% to 18% depending on water return temperature

Standard supply

Totaleco Turbo Gas is supplied with

  • Highly insulated jacket
  • Two access doors to exchanger
  • Built-in extractor
  • Outlet and return flanges and counter-flanges with seals and bolts
  • Levelling feet
  • Cleaning brush
  • Heating operating pressure 4 bar (test pressure 6 bar)



Options available for Totaleco Turbo Gas

  • Higher operating pressures 5, 6 and 8 bar (consult us)
  • Side flue outlet
  • Electric control unit: consult us for details of functions
  • Other possible power ratings: on request



  • Condensor:  10 years
  • Electric equipment: 2 years